We are not in the 8th dimension. We are over New Jersey.
Lord John Whorfin 1984
Welcome to Arcade Addiction. Over the years I've collected more than a few arcade machines, owned my own pinball restoration business, built a few MAME rigs, renovated a basement into a man-cave (twice), and coded a suite of Arcade LED Control applications (LEDBlinky). I've been addicted to all things arcade for the past four and a half decades - I feel old!

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Here's a few recent and not so recent pictures from my home arcade.
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About this site...

Under the covers it's really old-school, mostly html, css, and a tiny bit of javascript. It's not mobile friendly (sorry). As for using pinball buttons to create the menu, it seemed like a good idea at the time, but once the menus started nesting it got out of hand!